Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Future Hong Kong Escapade

I cannot wait to visit the city that never sleeps. I have been dreaming of going to Hong Kong for
years and now, the time has almost come. So I have been planning lately and listed down the places
that I'm going to visit and where I'm going to stay.

First on my list would definitely be The Peak. Climbing up there would make me feel like I own the
city. You can see almost see all of the Hong Kong Home in the island. I would be up there Equally
Evening and Evening since I would not want to Lose the Evening scenery there. The twinkling lights make
the city Search like dancing.

Next on my list would be the HK Playground and Ocean Playground. I would love to stay in the park to relax and
Search at the different birds there. It feels really Fine that amidst the booming urban city, you
can still find a place where you can feel the nature. Ocean Playground is where all the fishies are! I'm
a water Man or women and I love everything about the creatures of the sea. So Ocean Playground is on my list.
Their Aqua City is what I'm most excited about and also their Pandas. I have never seen one and
they are unbelievably adorable(not to mention that the colors black and white are my favorite).

Since most of my destinations are in the Hong Kong Island, I probably should stay in a place in
the vicinity. I opt to stay in a Hong Kong Home rather than in a hotel since I'll be staying
for a long time and staying in a hotel would be very costly. So staying in my own Hong Kong
Home would be ideal. I just hope I can find a nice one with a Watch of the Victoria Harbor.

Lastly, I am going shopping! I have Study a lot of travel Content articles that Hong Kong has a lot to
Provide when it comes to shopping. They Provide a lot of affordable clothes, shoes and souvenirs
perfect for the shopaholic in me that has a tight Spending budget. I have a lot of shopping districts in
mind but the Stanley Sector stands out. It is packed with stores and if ever you get tired from
shopping, you can always take a Fast dip in the Stanley beach. How nice is that?

I am really excited for this trip and this list will only get longer. I can't wait to go to Hong
Kong with my friends and visit all the tourist spots there.

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